hai guys this time i will tell you about dewa athena

dewa athena is day what we do the sport on that day they are many sport futsal,socer,dodge ball,basketball,volly,gobak sodor and many other,for dewa athena my class have prepare for futsal and socer we practice everyday we play futsal every friday after that we practice dodgeball we got phsic exam every sunday 
the first game we played gobak sodor we win because we are stronger than social class
after that we play estafet run but just 4 people for play estafet run they are riaz,fadilah,pinka,shafira and we lost because we wrong for strategy at 2 o'clock we play dodge ball we play versus ipa 2 we win because ipa 2 is noob at 3 oclock i go home because there are no tournament again.
What is nature? The phenomena of physical world collectivetivelly,including plants,animal,the landscape and other features and products of the earth,as oppose to humans or human creations Nature very important for our life because nature is half of life of human ,one of them is river, can you look at the picture that was so beautiful, you can see fish turtle or rock river and sometimes you can see a waterfall ,but imagine if our river is very dirty like water is very black and thick it is already happening now, but we must learning from nature and from river water is very calm and peace although it was destroy .we must be like river because river is required to cleanse negativity in the world and allow a space of clarity we must save our river because they gave us a lot of lesson and it very helpful                 Nature not just a river a mountain oxygen s and land wich we live is nature to mountain for people who like a extreme and nature mountain is very important because they l…
hello guys this time i will tell you about people who greatfull in my life in one week

there is dhafin and arafah, i choose them because they allways make me laugh  he always made me laugh in the past week. i allways play with them when i back to school until weekend we allways play together,but I remember most was when we stay at home dhafin with the other friend there are arafah,dhafin,raihan.satria,abay,hanif.rofi,suni,diaz,farhan and me at six o'clock we go to stingil in dago giri with the other people we go with ten people other so our total is 21 people we arrived at eight o'clock we look bandung from the highest it so cool we can see a sea of light we can see the airplane is verry near from our face we sing we laugh and we play some game together it verry great and dhafin and arafah is verry cool they allways make me laugh until my stomach is hurts at ten pm
we homestay in dhafin house i bring a tent because they tell me to bring the tent because we will make a tent in …
haii guys

this time i will tell you about my holiday
this holiday,is boring holiday.ever,because when my friend,brother,and you maybe
i still in school because in first holiday week,i still in school for have some lesson because of my score
until i didnt follow pendas jamadagni that is the first activity if we want to join ppa jamadagni that is nature comunity in 3 bandung senior high school
but after that i got my holiday
i invite my friend,and we will go to artapela mountain in ciparay
but we will go in other route in pangalengan after that we decide we would go at wednesday

in wedenesday we ready to go,we go at 10 o'clock,traveling from Bandung to Pangalengan takes 1 hour and a half finnaly we arrive at a half past eleven at basecamp of artapela,we start walking at 12 o'clock,if we want go to the top mountain we must walk for just 1 hour because pangalengan is in hill so we do not drain a lot of our power i climb with 8 of my friend we arrived at 2 o'clock because we hit…
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